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An acclaimed mime artist for over 40 years, Noe Zavala has toured globally, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Europe. He’s been performing in the Bay Area for the past 25 years. Noe’s work has been recognized for its unique style and excellence by master coaches and performers including Marcel Marceau, Gregg Goldston, Nick Johnson, and Bari Rolfe.

“I would like to recommend Noe Zavala: I am writing to recommend the work and projects of Noe Zavala. Through my association with him in my American Seminars and through the Goldston & Johnson School for Mimes where he serves on faculty, I have come to know him to be a dedicated artist who performs with an individual force and integrity. He is a dedicated teacher with a unique sensitivity who holds love and respect for our art. His artistry and vision for the art of mime is worthy of support and should be seen by a wide public. His work continues to serve as a strong force in securing the art of mime within the grand tradition of the Theatre.”

Sincerely,  Marcel Marceau

“Noe Zavala offers more than a finely tuned mime class, he provides his students with the two most essential elements needed to study mime seriously: stage experience and a direct link to the history of this art.

His time with Marcel Marceau, Bert Houle and Stefan Niedzialkowski has given Noe great perspective on the various styles within mime as well as the methods needed to pursue each.

 His long career on stage enables him to teach the intricate balance of acting and illusion needed to create the realistic and powerful images needed within a mime play.  His eye for economy of movement, play composition and both comic and dramatic line make his teaching skills very rare and invaluable.

Finally, Zavala’s concern for the students path and his nurturing care and sense of humor make the process of learning this intricate art a festive journey into a world that few know like Noe Zavala.”                             

                                                             —Gregg Goldston 

“Noe Zavala is one of those rare handful of American choreographers and performers practicing the art of Mime Theater, whose work never fails to inspire with its originality, flawless technique, depth of vision and love for the craft. Both in his company and his solo work, Noe Zavala is an artistic force to be reckoned with…and a treasure not to be missed.”

Stephen Chipps

1 thought on “Bio and Letters

  1. Noe’s knowledge of Mime is so valuable, because he knows how to share it with his students. He’s full of little secrets that have catapulted my Mime to a professional level. With all my admiration Carolina Duncan aka Coicoi

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