Gallery of Moving Sculpture

Contact information : 415-678-8451 email

Moving sculpture is a synthesis of the traditions of dance and sculpture. On initial exposure and in still photographs, the works read as static, elegantly draped pieces of abstract figurative statuary. Yet during live performance, as the measured movements progress, the work’s additional nuance and complex nature unfold. Through continued observation the sculpture’s dynamic nature is revealed and observers frequently express emotions ranging from initial confusion to surprise and delight. These works are stylistically versatile and suitable for a broad range of venues. The draped forms are reminiscent of and inspired by Michelangelo’s raw sculptural forms, making them appropriate for traditional elegant fetes.However, they also draw from the traditions of abstraction, and thus are equally well suited for the most cutting edge  avante-garde event.

Photography by Stephen Roberts, Brian Ashey and Skyana Entertainment

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