As a boy in elementary school I was looking through a book of art; the works of the master  Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni. There I came upon photographs of his unfinished sculptures. It seemed to me as if they were indeed trying to get out of the stone, to set themselves free.

Years later as I studied mime and the human form, I picked up a piece of fabric and began to move in it and to study the effect it had over the body. Seeing the shapes of the limbs, the torso and the head take form through the material, I was reminded of Michelangelo’s figures in stone.

It was these experiences which inspired me to create my moving sculptures. Soon after this, while working with Michael Scholes on our company ‘PointFix’  I developed the choreography for “Cycles.”

Michael edited and produced the projections and Larry Ackerman was the photographer for the source images. Additional choreography by Jeannie McKenzie and Bryan Welch.


  “Water” by Eric Wilcox and Noe Zavala. This wonderful choreography was originally created by my good friend, mime artist and founder of the SF BuffoonsEric Wilcox as a duet at ‘The Goldston/Johnson School for Mimes’ at Gambier, Ohio in 1989. It is a beautiful study of mime moment. When Eric moved to San Francisco we developed ‘Water’ using four performers for my movement theater company ‘PointFix’ at our performance at  “Project Theater Artuad ” with stunting images by Robert Horning and multimedia by Michael Schole and Larry Ackerman.

Performers  are Eric Wilcox, Rodger Dillahunty , Bryan Welsh and Hogan Van Do.

Music by Jerry Goodman.