Teaching Mime in China

Hello All   I hope this massage fines you all well. It has been a wonderful experience teaching mime here in China. Jonah Katz, Joan Mankin and I have made a great team together putting together a show with a wonderful troop of 16 young acrobats from 4 year old to 30 most in their 20’s , I feel that I have made many new friends. We are staying in a small town of Lishui and have found all the people very friendly and inviting. I have only seen one other foreigner in the last 3 weeks in town.

   The other day I was asked to speak at a conference of the Acrobatic Companies in China  for 2 hours about the art of Mime and was well received. I have since been ask to go to teach Mime at the National Institute of Circus Arts in Australia. (Keep your fingers cross.) I have a lot to do back in the states with Circus Center and the Clown Conservatory plus my commitment at home.
     I was to come home on October 22 but I found out about a week long Clown Festival in Wuhan and asked Mr. Lu Yi and Ayla my bosses if I could stay and so now I will fly home on October 30. I will miss some events in the States but I am here so I am going to take advantage of the opportunity to promote Circus Center.

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