Well I’ve come to the end of my work in China, for now. What a wonderful trip it’s been. Starting with being a Judge at the Guangzhou Clown Contest, then teaching mime for the Nantong Acrobatic Troupe for a week and then coming to Wuquio Clown Workshop that is sponsored by the National Arts Fund of China! 

It has been a blast to work these past four days with very talented clowns from all over China. They have been on a trip with me in the world of Mime condensed into a short amount of time. Loved it!

I am proud of my work this year and the progress forward starting at the Circus Center Clown Conservatory with Sara Moore and that talented group of clown students in writing a show ‘The Supers” to working with Barry Lubin again this time in China and with my old friend Dan Griffiths. 

It has been an honor to devote myself to the Chinese comical career by representing Clowns and Mimes here in China. 

I would like to thank my translator and good friend Ronald Chen for all his good work, I honestly could not have done it without him!!!

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